The Soundtrack to Your Day

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Long after the honeymoon pictures are stored away, brides and grooms will remember the songs that played at their wedding. The same music, heard later, can evoke the joy of the ceremony, remind the couple … Read More

Have Your Cake & Eat It Too

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Cake tasting. Quite possibly the loveliest combination of words in the English language. Or, maybe it’s butter-cream frosting. Lucky you! There aren’t going to be too many opportunities to while away an afternoon sampling cake, guilt-free. Wedding … Read More

Maid For Each Other

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In the realm of a typical wedding ceremony, the presence of bridesmaids would seem to most just as normal and familiar as having a bride and groom. But as times and traditions are ever changing, … Read More

Making it Official 2019

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Not to detract from the romantic element of your wedding, but the fact that marriage is a legal contract cannot be ignored. And with the many overwhelming details that must be attended to, the necessity … Read More

Flower Trend: Getting Bold

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Goodbye, pastels. Hello bold and daring! When it comes to wedding flowers, bright and vibrant colors are making their way back to the palette. Finding the perfect inspiration for wedding flowers can and should be … Read More

A Feast Fit For A Wedding: 2019

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Wedding catering tips

Wedding catering decisions can seem difficult to make, considering the range of choices and palates to please. But for that same reason, much can be done with a lot of options.
Elegant, sit-down dinners, casual buffets – and everything in between – all have one thing in common: your choices reflect your “couple personality” – your taste and style; your sense of adventure, playfulness and/or tradition; even your thoughtfulness. It’s important to think about what makes you unique and let the food and drinks take it from there.