Is a Micro Wedding right for you?

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micro weddings

No doubt about it, these are pretty crazy times. As wedding planning has evolved during the pandemic, we have seen a lot of weddings postponed or scheduled for another date. While some brides and grooms have opted for something else; a micro wedding.

Micro weddings include only the nearest and dearest, topping out at around 50 guests. It is neither an elopement nor a traditional wedding, so carefully consider if a smaller wedding is the right option for you.

A celebration with a smaller guest list will definitely leave a lot of people behind. Since the guest list will be trimmed, be honest as to whether you can leave some people that you care about off that list. Usually, this means that the plus ones are also off the list. Thankfully, with this intimate celebration, most guests will know each other so you shouldn’t get much push back. Another upside is that you will be able to spend more meaningful time with your guests. You can actually have conversations and savor special moments with each of them.

micro wedding

A micro wedding is more about quality than quantity.

Scale down that dream wedding but don’t leave out the elegant elements. Here are a variety of things to consider.

Destination Wedding

The Outer Banks is the perfect place to celebrate a wedding. You may find it easier for 50 people to attend a wedding here than 150. It’s a perfect vacation for all.

Theme and Style

There is no need to change your favorite look, colors, or style. From invitations to décor your choices can remain the same. Create a vibe that expresses your personality and happiness.

Venue & Accommodations

Your choices of venues open up and can be tailored to fit your guest list. The entire guest list could attend the wedding ceremony then proceed to the reception. For accommodations, it’s easy for all your guests to be able to stay close together.


No matter the size of your event it doesn’t necessarily mean informal. Elegant or casual, this is the perfect time that you can make a statement about your style.


This is a momentous occasion. Leave the responsibility of capturing the day to a professional photographer. Enjoy your day and let them capture all the details, emotions and memories for you.

Outer Banks Professionals

Having a micro wedding doesn’t mean that you have to do it all either. You can still work with a wedding planner. A partial planning or day-of coordinator may be all that you need. Find vendors, too, that can meet your needs plus your expectations. Also, get creative. You may not need a towering cake, but rather can serve donuts, pies, or a cupcake. Florals become more manageable too. Focus on your bouquet. You may also want to consider booking the Outer Banks Trolley, a stress-free vehicle for your entire wedding party.

Micro Wedding Reception Parties

Fewer wedding guests allow you to plan a more unique foodie-friendly meal, cocktails, and music. This is one of the most important parts of your gathering, so this may be the place that you may want to splurge a bit. Keep in mind that what you serve will definitely make a statement. Sharing a meal will guarantee an intimate connection with every guest. Party the night away and let your guests talk about your wedding for years to come.

Besides the cost-effective benefits, and the quality versus quantity aspect, you may want to consider having an intimate wedding with your closest friends and family by celebrating your special day with a Micro Wedding!

Mary Ann Williams is the knowledgeable owner and operator of  The Outer Banks Wedding Guide. She has immersed herself in the wedding industry since 2001, staying up to date with trends and being a link between soon-to-be-married couples and Outer Banks’ wedding professionals.

One Comment on “Is a Micro Wedding right for you?”

  1. Great article Mary! I feel going for a hotel in a small tourist destination can be a great idea for a micro wedding. It makes planning much easier. Plus, you get away from the noise and busy life of the city.

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