Wedding Trends 2018 Report

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wedding trends 2018
Trends may come and go, but they play an important role when you are planning your wedding day. Whether you decide to go with the latest trend, or stick to your own style, trends can spark those creative juices. They can also serve as a guide as you decide what’s right for you when it comes to everything from picking out your perfect wedding dress to what kind of food you serve at your wedding and how you decorate for your special day. Here’s a guide to finding the hottest trends on the wedding scene this year. A few of them may be just what you’re looking for.

Decorating to a T

If you want that jaw dropping, wow effect when your guests walk into the reception, consider a high drama theme that is sure to leave them impressed. Everything from columns, water fountains and high centerpieces can achieve the perfect dramatic effect. Copper is still a mainstay on the wedding scene and can be incorporated into the décor to add elegance and charm. And when it comes to lighting, Edison bulbs offer a soft and romantic touch to your special day, as can hanging florals, which infuse romance and beauty into the room. Or go in the other direction with neon signage, which continues to be popular among couples as they plan their weddings. Finally, macramé and crystals are perfect for those couples who want to add a bohemian touch.

Groovin’ Grooms

wedding trends 2018

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You’ll see a lot of grooms sporting black bowties or, really, any type of tie this year because they are definitely back in style these days. From floral prints and stripes to bright and bold colors, checks and rustic, ties definitely made it back onto the wedding scene. But it’s not all about black. Royal Blue and light blue tones are also making their way in, with grooms sporting the eye-popping color in their attire – from jackets to full suits. But it’s more than just solids they are going with. Checks and plaids are popular as well. If you are looking for an old-school, distinguished look, velvet is showing up again, either by way of full-fabric suits or simply touches of velvet.

For The Bridesmaids

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Julie Dreelin

There are plenty of popular looks for the bridesmaids this year, all equally exciting. One shoulder dresses, elegant velvet and short mini-dresses and skirts are showing up among the bridal party, as are sequin pantsuits. For a winter wedding, jewel-toned bridesmaid dresses are a perfect choice for the season.

Wedding Dresses

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When it comes to bridal dresses, there are so many styles and looks to choose from, and every year a new trend emerges, or an old one resurfaces. This year, expect to see feathers back in fashion, whether they cover the entire dress or are added as a subtle but elegant touch. Another emerging trend for 2018 are capes and caplets, from chic to royal, brides are loving these additions to the wedding dress scene. If a sophisticated look is what you are after, consider the growing trend of black accents. Think black bows, embroidery, sashes and belts. A splash of black adds an edgy touch of sophistication to any wedding dress. Extreme sleeves (think 1980s-style flouncy sleeves) are also making their way back into the bridal fashion scene. And finally, you’ll be seeing a lot of side cut outs while shopping for the dress of your dreams. They come in a variety of shapes to offer everything from an elegant, subtle touch to a sophisticated and eye-catching statement.

Fabulous Food

wedding trends 2018

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There are exciting new trends on the table this wedding season, from donut boards to pretzel bars (help the happy couple tie the knot). One of the biggest trends to take over the wedding day mealtime is mini pairings of food and drinks. We’re talking mini tacos and a small shot of margarita, or a mini craft beer paired with a tiny BBQ slider. Bite size anything is “in” when it comes to menu items at a wedding. From mini lobster rolls to bacon cheeseburger meatballs and mini pies, couples are embracing the mini foods. And when it comes to lighter fare, salads in mason jars are gaining popularity, which make a stunning display and a great appetizer for guests.

Hair Happenings

wedding trends 2018

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From graceful and elegant braids to hats and crowns, brides are walking down the aisle this year with a variety of hairstyles this year. French braids are particularly popular this year and are being woven into all types of hairstyles. Along with the twisted elegance is another hair-do that is making its way into the top 10 – the half-up and half-down style, which is perfect for any season. Brides are also topping off their hairstyles with wedding hats to create that vintage and bohemian look. Another style brides are opting for are either flower crowns or delicate chain crowns. With floral headpieces, brides can go for a variety of looks to match their personal style, whether it is a more ethereal vibe or a more romantic, laid-back feel. Chain crowns add that glitz that some brides are after.

Handfastening Ceremonies

wedding trends 2018

There are many ways to tie the knot and this Celtic unity ritual is growing in popularity. Usually taking place after the ring exchange, the ceremony involves the bride and groom taking each other’s hands and then, a cord or ribbon is wrapped around their hands symbolizing the joining of their lives. After a moment of silence, the ribbon is undone.

Say It With Flowers

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Whatever your wedding theme is, nothing accents it quite like flowers. This year’s brides are falling head over heels for deep and bold hues along with native-inspired greenery. Couples are turning to greenery for everything from garlands to wreaths and backdrops. Dahlias are another must-have bloom, especially during late summer and fall. With their big blooms and wide variety of colors, they are a favorite among many brides. Also popular are woodland assortments that incorporate everything from lavender to pinecones in arrangements – offering a rustic and romantic feel to your wedding day. Cascading bouquets, reminiscent of the 80s, are back on the wedding scene. Trailing foliage, ferns and long-stemmed orchards with ribbons woven throughout are perfect for these types of bouquets.

Let The Games Begin!

wedding trends 2018

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Of course, musical entertainment and receptions go hand in hand. But there are plenty of other ways to keep your guests mingling and having fun. More and more couples are filling the reception space with oversized favorites like Jenga and Connect 4 – and guests are loving it! Other favorites showing up when it’s time to party are bocce ball and horseshoes. If you are adventurous, a few rounds of karaoke may even be in order.

Delightful Desserts

wedding trends 2018

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When it comes to wedding cakes, there is always something baking when it comes to fun trends. While buttercream frosting – with is homespun rustic look and delicious taste – never seems to go out of style, there are a lot of options out there. Ruffled cakes offer an airy and frilly feel to your wedding cake. Geode cakes can add a touch of sugary, sparkling beauty, and if you’re looking to wow your guests consider a mesmerizing mirror-glazed cake. For those who prefer a more contemporary reception setting, geometric cakes are also showing up on the cake table more and more these days – featuring everything from squares to stripes and triangles. Finally, the sugary look of roses is also back in style. Rosette cakes offer elegance and beauty – and of course are just delicious!


wedding accessories 2018

Bridal parties are accessorizing these days with everything from nontraditional jewelry to chokers, pearls and feathers. They are also getting creative with floral headbands of every style. To top it off, brides are choosing shoes that make a statement. From comfortable to glamorous and glitzy, what they choose to put on their feet is taking on a whole new meaning this year.

Stop Motion Videos

wedding trends 2018

This style of videography uses a sequence of images that are strung together in rapid succession to create a lovely video that illustrates your entire wedding day from start to finish. These videos are typically short, but are ones you’ll love to show family and friends without bogging them down with lengthy videos of your special day.

Color Of The Year

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Ultra Violet is a “blue-based purple that takes our awareness and potential to a higher level,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. This mystical and contemplative color, PANTONE 18-3838, is symbolic with artistic expression as well as spiritual reflection and meditation. “We are living in a time that requires inventiveness and imagination,” Eiseman said. “It is this kind of creative inspiration that is indigenous to PANTONE
18-3838 Ultraviolet.

Drinks On The Go

wedding trends 2018

Camp Cocktail/Honeysuckle Events

Many happy couples are opting to use mobile bar services during the reception. It’s an easy, fun way to ensure quick and easy access to all your guests’ favorite drinks. These bars can add a vintage flair to your celebration and can provide a selection of drinks. Mobile bars can fit in with nearly any wedding theme and add a bit of fun and convenience to your day! 

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