Wedding Trends 2019 Report

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To paraphrase Bob Dylan, it’s not only the times, but the trends that are also a’changin’. For the upcoming wedding season, changes in accessories for wedding dresses, signage, stationary, and the layout of your food stations, plus a whole lot more, will be a bit different that has been in the past. But don’t fret!  The Wedding Guide is here to help you. We’ll walk you through exactly what you need to know!

The Wedding Dress (above)

Seems natural to start here. Most weddings begin and end with the dress. So let’s talk about the trends for the upcoming year.

Whether its lace or a casual flared leg, bridal jumpsuits may be just the thing for your wedding. Be bold and break from convention!  There are no instructions that are set in stone indicating that you need to wear a dress. Jumpsuits come in every style from “flowy and bohemian to cropped and modern,” according to one designer.

But if it is a dress you want to wear, then you can make a statement with it. Think about using an oversized bow as an accent. These can be worn either on the chest or across the lower back.

If you’d like to make an Art Deco splash on your special day, why not think about geometric patterns for your dress. It mixes classic with modern. The pattern can be flashy, or it can be as subtle as two-toned stripes. Whichever way you choose to go, you will look stunning on your wedding day.

You’ve heard the saying, history often repeats itself. That is certainly the case with the next trend as it pertains to your wedding dress. They were popular in the 80s and they are making a comeback for 2019. Welcome back the puffy sleeves!  Saint Laurent has been featuring them on their catwalks for a while now, and they will be one of the biggest wedding dress trends of the upcoming year.


It’s All About The Paper

Kick off your wedding with stationary that will set the tone and showcase the theme of your special day. Keeping in mind that the invitation will be the first clue of your wedding theme that your guests receive. Be creative with them. Include a colorful map to the venues (especially if there’s more than one). The trend for 2019 has invitations and thank you notes sealed with wax. Reasonably priced wax kits are available and add a classy touch to your wedding.


The Color of the Year – Living Coral

Each year in early December, the color for the coming wedding season is selected. The color selected for 2019 lends itself beautifully for a beach wedding. It is Living Coral. Once you have selected your wedding colors, you can use the Pantone Color Matching System to ensure all your colors match. This is extremely helpful when matching nail lacquers, creams, glitter, and high-pigment lip gloss.


Fun With Feathers

Feathers can make a dramatic accessory to your wedding day. They can be used as a simple twist in a bride’s up-do. They can used as a cake topping and even be incorporated into table centerpieces. Feathers can be a fun way to add some flair to your wedding day.

Photo: Corbin Gurkin Photography

Gift Baskets

What better way to send a warm welcome to your guests – especially those traveling to a destination wedding – than with a gift basket. The thing to remember, the type of basket, or how you decorate it is inconsequential compared to what you put in them. Spend some time on each. Personalize the basket with items that will be tailored selected to each guest’s taste.

Photo: Michelle Walker Photography

Food Stations

It is said that 50% of food’s appeal is in the appearance. The upcoming trend for food stations is in the display. It’s not so much what is on each station (yes, of course food selection is important too), but the display is as equally important. Create a visually pleasing meal by staggering the height of your food stations. The food doesn’t need to be at all the same level. Have fun with it and create a different level for each station.

Photo: Liz Banfield Photography

Flowers:  Bold and Bright

As you think about flowers for your wedding day, think bold and bright. The upcoming trend for 2019 suggests that brides will be choosing fewer, but larger blooms to make a statement in their floral bouquets. Peonies, dahlias, poppies, daisies, and even some greenery pieces are just a few types of blooms that can be found in a larger size. Decorative grasses can even be used to embellish your aisles, especially a seaside aisle.

Bigger, bolder and brighter will be a new way to spice up your bouquets and centerpieces in 2019.

Photo: Nathan Russell Photography

Balloons Are Back!

They aren’t just for kids anymore!  Balloons are making an appearance in all aspects of a wedding. They are versatile enough to be used for the engagement shoot, the bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, and even at the wedding reception. 

Think balloon arch entrances, centerpieces for the tables, or hang them from the ceiling to create a party atmosphere. Here on the Outer Banks however, we must mention that for environmental issues, never release balloons into the sky. 

Photo: Marriott Photography

Metallics, Stars, & Lights

Bringing the night sky into your wedding can create a romantic ambience. Starry skies have long been associated with both destiny and adventure. The perfect theme to start out your lives together. The sun, the moon, the planets, and the stars can have spiritual connotations, making them fitting to appear at your wedding day celebration. 

The celestial theme can be created in several ways. It can be through puffs made to look like clouds, or lanterns in celestial shapes hanging throughout the venue. It can be used as a seating accent using a golden cord and some glitter on your chairs. You can dot navy-colored linens with silver paint to create a star filled sky on your table. Or why not serve up cocktails in glasses that are hand-drawn with metallic stars using Sharpies?  And of course, at the end of the night, the bride and groom can be waved off to begin their lives together with star-shaped sparklers.


Create the Mood with Signs

Signs come in a variety of styles. One of the trends for the upcoming season is to use either neon or acrylic signs to create the mood of your wedding. Let the signs emit certain emotions for your special day. They could be rustic or modern. They could be a wreath or a flower bouquet on acrylic placed throughout your venue with the bride and groom’s name on it. Or it could be a neon sign with “Love” or “Just Married.”  The style is up to you.


Tarot Cards

We have all seen the photo booths at wedding receptions as a fun and different thing for your family and friends to do. They’re still important, and likely always will be. But there’s a new trend for 2019 weddings:  The Tarot card reader.

If used for strictly entertainment purposes, Tarot card readings can be used as part of a fun wedding reception or at a bachelorette party. It can also be just the thing to keep your wedding guests occupied during the time wedding photos are being taken. 

Keeping it lighthearted and not heavy, Tarot card readings may just be the thing to set your wedding apart from any others.

Incorporating just a few of the 2019 wedding trends into your special day will your wedding unforgettable. Not only for you, but for your family and friends too. Good luck and best wishes from the Outer Banks Wedding Guide!♥

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