Wedding Hashtags 2018 – Finding Your Perfectly Unique Presence

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wedding hashtags

A favorite part of every wedding has to be the photos; sometimes, a cherished picture may not come from your professional photographer, but a candid shot by a guest on their cell phone. And, of course, everyone loves to share those moments.

These days you can document the entire process of your wedding from engagement to honeymoon on social media and share every step along the way. But how do friends and family find your photos and let you know about theirs? Hashtags, that’s how!

Nearly 52 million people upload photos to Instagram every day, all of them searchable with a unique hashtag. At the start of your wedding planning journey, it’s important to come up with a wedding hashtag that will be easily remembered and stand out from the crowd. If your creative thinking juices are getting all tapped out on choosing your theme and colors, dreaming up the wedding hashtag to end all wedding hashtags is probably toward the bottom of your lengthy to-do. It doesn’t have to be hard and, once you get started, will probably be fun!

Use these tips to help create your unique wedding hashtag today: 

1. Use a Wedding Hashtag Generator: Just do a quick search for Wedding Hashtag Generator and oodles will pop up for you to choose from. Enter your names, wedding date, location, etc. and a hashtag will present itself for you. Simple, effective, and you’re out the door to meet with wedding planners.

2. Use Your Names: If the Generator left you feeling a little generic, then turn to your fabulous spouse-to-be and use your names to come up with your hashtags. You could go simple with first and last names, use your crazy nicknames (which no one will forget), or combine your names with the wedding date. ie. – #BrookeAndTad1118  #BeezNMegGettingHitched #SmithWedding

3. Getting Punny with It: For those of you who love to turn your hashtags into unforgettable monikers, this is your time to shine. While challenging, a pun hashtag will make people laugh and will most likely not be forgotten. ie. – #NoMooreFishInTheSea #WeAretheBeezKnees #WhereTheHitchensAt

4. Draw On Your Relationship or Wedding: Maybe you met in high school or on a backpacking trip through Europe, maybe you have a fabulous theme for your wedding or you’re getting wed in a far-off locale, anything about your coupledom or big day could be a great hashtag. ie. – #FromPromDateToLifeMate #SueandBillOBXWed #HeSwipedRight #AsYouWish

5. Make it Yours, Not Theirs: You’ve decided on The One, but before you tell the world about your hashtag, do a quick search to make sure it isn’t already in use. If it was used a couple of times to tag a photo of a plant or someone’s cat, you’re probably safe. But much more than that, and you and friends may find yourselves looking at someone else’s wedding photos. No fun there!

6. Readability: Watch for flow and ease of typing when you invent your hashtag. #carlaanddavid is harder to type than #davidandcarla. Also, use capitals to make your hashtag easier to read.

7. Let People Know: Getting the word out about your hashtag can be as simple as using it on your engagement photos. But if you really want to get the word out, use it everywhere: save the dates, invitations, on signage at your shower and engagement parties, at the guest book table, as a photo booth prop, on the tables at the reception, the list of possibilities is endless. And be patient if you have to explain what a hashtag is to Grandma and Grandpa; once they know, they’ll probably want to join in as much as possible.

Coming up with your signature wedding hashtag can be a significant and helpful way to document your wedding, not to mention help others to know how to share their photos with you. As your marriage progresses, your hashtag can be used to mark your anniversaries or other marriage milestones with throwback photos. Remember, this is one of the fun parts of wedding planning, so enjoy it!

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