Bridal Boutique 2022

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You’ve planned your wedding. You have the venue, the photographer, the music, the catering, and the dress. Now comes the fun. You get to accessorize. What shoes go with your dress? What jewelry? The accessories can tell the story that you want to tell on your special day.

Planning for Perfection

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Today’s wedding planners have educated themselves on best practices and problem-solving techniques to navigate these turbulent times and the ripple effect that has affected the events industry.

Wedding Day Dilemmas – And Actual Solutions!

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Your big day has finally arrived, and you are anxiously waiting to see just how the years, months, weeks, and days of planning will all unravel. In your mind, you may be envisioning a problem-free fairytale, but then WHAM! A small dose of reality hits.

Outer Banks Wedding Planning 2021

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After just a few weeks of attempting to go it alone – the trials and tribulations of booking vendors, searching for the perfect venue, choosing every element of the décor for the ceremony and reception – you realize planning a wedding is time consuming and frequently frustrating. Even a bride who is ultra-organized, has an impressive knack for decorating, and knows just what she wants can falter under the sheer number of decisions, causing her to throw up a white flag and shout, “Bring in the professionals!”